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In the growth trajectory of humans, the teenage years have been generally accepted as a period of turbulence when people are at their most adventurous phase. As a result, some people end up making serious mistakes that will eventually haunt them throughout their lifetime. A Classic Path Through High School is an in-depth and well researched book written by a concerned author who wants to help teenagers avoid the pitfalls associated with that phase.

This book will no doubt help young people to increase their chances of attaining success and reaching their goals, if they can take certain steps as highlighted in the book.

The book is all encompassing, as it covered diverse areas such as philosophy, religion, history, and literature, each with critical lessons that can be a guild to young adolescents. It equally has drawings as well as index and notes to make its reading more enjoyable and easy to comprehend. It is highly recommendable for young people.

  • Official Review, (4 out of 5 stars)

A Must Read for Young Adults

As a parent who raised two teenagers and worked with high school boys I found this book to be a very good guide. Wish I had had it to share with my own children. Hopefully they will share it with their families.

  • SLC Amazon Review 3/9/21

Most Excellent!

Good stuff, looking forward to future writings.

  • Wellwishers Amazon Review 3/25/21

I highly recommend this fine book.

Well written, interesting and relevant. Just as important for teenagers it is in no way preachy. It’s good read for adults as well and I learned things about George Washington, Native Americans, MLK, Shakespeare, the Beatles and others that had never occurred to me. The messages in this book are spot on and, as stated, apply to adults at all stages of life and not just teens about to enter high school.

  • K. McCormack 3/29/2021

Great Book for Modern Families looking for a Traditional Foundation

As a father of four boys, I enjoyed seeing a modern author weave classic wisdom around the concerns of modern families with 21st Century concerns. This is an easy read and provides a great introduction for kids who may think they are the only ones who have ever faced challenges. A Classic Path Through High School condenses the lessons of western civilization into a quick and easy self help guide. Thank you Daniel Hickey for making the classics relevant for teenagers once again!

  • Gregory Clancy Amazon Review 6/15/2021



A Great Roadmap for Your Teenage Sons

A Classic Path through High School is a great read! I have 3 teenage sons and have been looking for books that will teach them life skills to navigate this crazy world. Hickey does an excellent job with this book in passing on life lessons and look outs. I was comfortable in sharing this book with my sons, hoping that they retain some of the lessons, and make them confident at how to navigate the life ahead of them. I would put this on the must read list for teenage boys as well as 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens. As parents we must realize that teaching ours sons how to deal with the curveballs that life throws is a good thing and this book is a worthy read.

  • Tim O’Conor Amazon Review 6/24/2021

Daniel D. Hickey is the author of A Classic Path Through High School: Life Lessons for Early Teens, the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Being a Teen category. (March 8, 2021)

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